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River Cruise in Myanmar



Myanmar Cruise Tours are the top choices of river cruises with stunning programs on two main giant Myanmar rivers of Irrawaddy and Chiwind. Each cruise company will have several cruise programs with different duration. We select here the most favorite cruise tours to exploring Myanmar in the most authentic ways. The standard will be varied too for wider budget match. You can choose from the top cruises like Road to Mandalay to a very affordable ones of Irrawady Princess II. Regardless of the Myanmar cruise tours you pick, we guarantee to deliver the best prices at their standards with top favorable booking conditions

Book your Cruise tours with us today or turn them into customized Myanmar tours packages by adding some extensions of Classic Myanmar Tours or Adventure tours. From common cruise tour programs, we will help you to create the most individual Myanmar Tours – just for you


Pandaw River Cruise

Pandaw Cruises Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore. The company takes care of the Pandaw Charity and a fair portion of the company’s profits go into maintaining current educational and medical projects in Burma. Pandaws have the highest space to passenger ratio of any ships afloat –staterooms are 170 square feet and finished in teak and brass. There are thirteen Pandaw ships in operation.

Road to Mandalay River Cruise

Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. operates its business in Ayeyarwady River by the name Road toMandalay River Cruise.One of the best ways of exploring Myanmar is along its biggest river and commercial waterway, the Irrawaddy. The Road to Mandalay offers several cruise options, ranging from a classic Highlights of Burma itinerary (3 nights) to an 11-day exploration that travels into the wild northern region close to the Chinese border. Many of the Road to Mandalay’s cruises fill up well in advance.

RV Paukan Cruise Paukan

RV Paukan CruisePaukan is the ancient name of Bagan. RV Paukan was built at the Myanmar Shipyards in Yangon for AyravataCruise Company. The lovely Paukan is a boutique hotel on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern and traditional motifs. The timber-walled cabins are furnished with colonial style cupboards, dresser and doors while the ceiling is traditional Myanmar. Presently it operates Three Ships: RV Paukan 2007 (a newly built Charming Cruising Boutique Hotel), RV Paukan1947 (an original Scottish made Colonial Steamer formerly known as RV Pandaw) and a third ship RV Paukan2012.

Amara River Cruise

In order to respect the country’s traditions we bought one of the beautiful teak boats that usually carries goods along the river and transformed it meticulously it into a luxury boat with 7 cabins , cruising mainly between Mandalay and Bhamo, the most intresting part of the 2000km long Irrawaddy river and where other boats are not able to cruise, due to the shallow water. The trips are unique.

Irrawaddy Princess II River Cruise

Irrawaddy Princess II River Cruise is a traditional Myanmar riverboat traveling along the Irrawaddy River. Built in 1998 and It is measure 134′ x 34′ x 6’6” moulded depth with three decks.Board the Irrawaddy Princess on any of her weekly cruise between Mandalay and Bagan and enjoy the greatest travel experiences on the legendary river “The Irrawaddy”.

Shwekeinnery river cruise

Shwekeinnery river cruise to provide memorable boat excursion alongAyeyarwaddy River Princess. The RV ShweKeinnery had been taken over by Interconnection Travels who has experiences in tourism and river cruising. The vessel has about hundred furnished seats in the main deck. Specious, well equipped observation and sundeck, a place to relax and having sunburn offer the spectacular views of historical monuments and the ways of local livings along the famous Ayeyarwaddy River.

RV Mahaythi River Cruise

RV Mahaythi is the first ever tourist class boat introduced Yangon river sightseeing cruises since 2006 October. It started with day cruise tours to Twante and Yangon River sunset cruises on daily guarantee departure basic. Her elegance and comfort make ‘Mahaythi’ equally suitable for business entertainment, holidays or for that special occasion such as a honeymoon cruise.RVMahaythi has extended operation by running RV Mahaythi-01, RV Mahaythi-01 and RV Mahaythi-03..