Chin State (South)

Chin State

Chin State is popularly known by a tribe called Naga who have the image of good hunters as well as good worriers in close combats the state is bordered by Bangladesh and India in the west, Rakhine State in the south, and Magwe and Sagaing Divisions in the east.

The whole Chin State is on the hilly region with the elevation about 7000 ft above sea level and the highest peak is the Mt Victoria with about 10,000 ft above the sea level enhanced by variety of Orchid and about more  than 100 species of bird are the main attraction of the trip. Some local as well as Tourists explore there for the nature of flora and bird watching as they make trekking and mountaineering through the villages. There are some villagers still remain with tattoos on their faces and known as tattooed ladies.

Different Ethnic groups are living in Chin state including Chin, Lai, Simbhrin, Zummi, Matu, and Bamar. Christianity is in majority and most of them live on agriculture; however it is not well developed due to the scarcity of large valleys and plains. Shifting cultivation is still required as must and Terraced cultivation is slowly being introduced along the hillsides. Cereal like rice, wheat, maize, are the main cereal and coffee, orange, damson and apple are grown in abundance. Cloth and woven material like blankets and Sarron are made by hand loom what we call in Myanmar is GYAT KHOKE and the products are popular for local people.

As for the forest products Honey is one of them and Cane is one of the major and become one of the export items from Myanmar. There is a border check point at Chikha  and opened to local people only.


Southern Chin state

It is the ideal excursion trekking programs to explore the authentic nature and culture of Chin highland tribes. In that area, there are 4 different Chin tribes who live on the mountains with their own culture and ethical customs. Most of them are animists and still believe and rely on their shamans. Their private worship festivals for their “Nats” or spirits are the highlight of this tour. Some dwellers in the remote villages have been living there since last one century and kept remaining in their own traditional way of life. Their traditional costumes are simple but colorful. Their folk-dancing are different from others in the country. The tattooed faces Chin women can still be seen. Elder women are still with tattooed face but no longer in the new generation. Being hunting, you can see various skulls of animals proudly hanging on walls of their house. All of the villages on this tour are on the hillside and valley of the Chin mountain range. The atmosphere there resembles the climate of Switzerland. It will be between 10’ C to – 4 ‘C. Of the small towns in Chin State, KANPELET and MINDAT, where are visited by tourists for its picturesque scenery and fine weather, are the main gate ways for Chin discovery program.