Festivals in Nayon ( June )

Venue Pakokku
Period 14th waxing day to 1st waning day of Nayon (peak days –May 31- June 1-2 , 2015)
Theme Pagoda festival

The Thiho Shin is famous pagodas in Pakoku. It was built by King Alaungsithu. The pagoda contains an image presented by the King of Ceylon some 800 years ago. The festival is held from 8th waxing to the 10th waning day of Nayon (June), with traditional plays and Zat pwe. Local specialties such as thanakha logs, Jaggery, Anyar longyis , cotton and wool blankets are sold in the festival.


Event Popa Nat festival
Venue Mt Popa
Period The eve and the full moon day of Nayone ( peak days - June 1, 2015)
Theme Nat small event

Young revelers from far and near climb to the top of Taungkalat which has 777 step snaking stairs. Make fun among the young.


Event Chinlone (Wicker ball) competition
Venue Mahamuni pagoda precinct, Mandalay
Period 1st waxing day of Nayone till full moon day of Waso( May 18 – July 1 , 2015 )
Theme Traditional sport / physical exercise

Chin Lone (Wicker Ball) tournament is used to held in Mahamuni Pagoda compound almost a month for every day and night.  Wicker ball players from all over the country come to Mandalay to enjoy it. We can see several ways of playing Chin Lone and racing by either team or individual together with local. Folk music is played while entertaining the audience.