Festivals in Pyatho ( January )

Event Karen new year festival
Venue Insein( Arlein Ngarsint pagoda) Yangon and Pa-an - Karen state
Period 1st waxing day of Pyatho (Jan  , 2015)

Festivities usually take place before and after of the designated day. It is celebrated by the Karen national race, featuring, group dance in their ethnic costume, sport activities like the traditional boxing matches are held in Insein, a suburb in north of Yangon where the Karen communities are concentrated. Pa-an, the capital of Karen state, held the grandest celebration.


Event Ananda pagoda festival
Venue Bagan
Period Peak days - 13th waxing to 1st waning day of Pyatho  ( Jan.  – , 2016)

Pilgrimage and holiday outings come to pagoda site by the caravan of bullock-carts. Then set camp under the shady trees. There are evening entertainments such as Zats: a variety of dance, song, short and long plays, Anyeints: a performance of a few hours in which number of jokers caricature current situations and or person strung together by a traditional dancer, popular movies shown in open air. It is also a popular sales fair where all kinds of goods, some of them are locally produced, are sold. People are waiting in a long queue to offer food and other articles to monks on the full moon day.

It is very crowded around the full moon day( -- Jan 2016)


Event Kachin Manau festival
Venue Myitkyina
Period peak days- Jan. 09 – 10 ( Fixed as of Gregorian calendar)

Kachin State day is on 10 Jan. The festival will be held one day ahead of State day. Traditionally, the Jinghpaw are animists who recognize a spirit world presided over by Karai Kasang, a supreme deity who requires animal sacrifice. Duwa (hereditary chieftains) maintains ceremonial and cultural leadership, especially with regard to the manao (also spelt manau or Manaw) important festival held periodically to placate or pay homage to the Jinghpaw nats. On 10th January-Kachin State Day-a major manao in Myitkyina draws Kachin groups from all over the state.


Event Narga tribe new year's festival
Venue Alternately in  Khamti, Lahe, Lashi , Sagaing  division
Period peak days- Jan. 14 – 15 ( Fixed as of Gregorian calendar)

The authentic Naga Hill Tribes (about 68 different groups) wear their respective traditional costumes to participate this important festival. They worship to their deities by scarifying the animals. Their traditional dance, martial music and cults of animism are unique and interesting. The festival is held at Khamti, Lahe, Lashi in Sagaing. The festival days are 14th to 15th of January. On 14th, an opening ceremony is held in the morning and in the evening there is traditional dance with bonfires. On New Year day they have a competition of traditional sports, and gathering of sub tribes of Narga, once fierce warriors in their bright and exotic dresses, celebrate with rice wine roasted meat and tribal dances performed with loud beating of drums.


Event Kayah state day
Venue Loikaw
Period peak days- Jan.15 ( Fixed as of Gregorian calendar)

During The Kayah State Day, local tribes gather in the capital Loikaw for a day of traditional dancing, zat pwe, music concerts and sporting events. There is very beautiful scenery with high mountains and colourful plantations of sesame, pepper and sunflowers between November and January.”