Festivals in Tabaung ( March )

Event Shwesettaw pagoda ( The authentic Buddha’s footprints )
Venue Minbu, near Magwe
Period 1st waxing day of Tabaung till full moon day of Tagu ( 45 days) ( Mar   to Apr   , 2016 )

Twenty years after the Buddha hood (568 BC), Lord Buddha travelled to Ma Ku La Mountain present day in Myanmar. He left an imprint of his left foot on the summit and at the base of that mountain range. Pilgrimage tour is only possible in the dry season. Foreigners can make a day return trip from Magwe where there are moderate accommodations.


Event Mingun Nat Festival
Venue Mingun village – near Mandalay
Period 6th to 10th waxing moon of Tabaung) * Mar  -  ,  2016

This is a celebration in tribute to the Brother and the Sister of the Teak Tree, who drowned in the Ayeyarwady river clinging to a tree trunk. The trunk took root and the late children became ‘Nats’ in its branches.


Event Shwedagon pagoda Festival
Venue Yangon
Period 14th waxing to full moon day of Tabaung  ( Mar   – , 2016)

The Shwedagon Pagoda Festival is held on the day of the full moon of Tabaung . During this festival, visitors can get to know the true religious feelings of the people of Myanmar by participating in events at pagoda fairs or by observing the rituals of the holy day. The sight of numerous monks who come to receive food offerings is striking view. It is usually take place on the full moon day of Tabaung( Mar -  , 2016).


Event Shwe saryan pagoda festival
Venue Shwe Saryan Village, Patheingyi, Mandalay
Period Peak days- 14th waxing to 1st waning day of Tabaung  ( Mar   –  , 2016)

45 minutes drive form Mandalay on the way to Maymyo (near Hton Bo village), You can also take a small boat on the Doahtawaddy River and visit the pagodas nearby, Myanmar traditional toys, boxes, baskets, mats made of dried toddy palm leaves are the best selling rural products in this festival.


Event Mahamuni  pagoda festival
Venue Kyauktaw Village, Near Mrauk U
Period 14th waxing to full moon day of Tabaung  ( Mar   – , 2016)

The pagoda is situated near the site of the ancient city of Danyawaddy in Thayet tapin village in Kyauktaw Township. The pagoda is being exalted by all Rakhine as well as Buddhist devotees across the country.


Event Shwemyintzu pagoda festival
Venue Indawgyi lake, Hopin Township, near Myitkina
Period 14th waxing to full moon day of Tabaung  ( Mar   –  , 2016)

About 150 km south-west from Myitkyina, approximate five hours drive up to Loneton village, this is the gate way to Indawgyi lake. One intriguing fact is that two sandbanks are washed up by the waves before the festival begins so that people can walk from the bank to the pagoda. People believe that one is for human use and the other is a passage for the gods/ fairies. These two sandbanks disappear into the lake shortly after the festival.


Event Baw-gyo pagoda festival
Venue Sipaw / Northern Shan State
Period 14th waxing to full moon day of Tabaung  ( Mar   –  , 2016)

Only during the festival days, the locked up “four Buddha images” are brought out for display, worship and gilding. We can see tea-growing Palaung tribes from the hills and jewelers from Kyauk Me who try and sell their products there. A large volume of Shan and Bamar merchandise is traded. There are boat races on Dottawadi river.


Event Kekku pagoda festival
Venue 43 km south of  Taungyi
Period 14th waxing to full moon day of Tabaung  ( Mar   –  , 2016)

On the full moon day alms offering is carried out by the native (Pa-O) people dressed in their traditional black out fits. There is the festival market also.


Event Pindaya golden cave festival
Venue Pindaya
Period 14th waxing to 1st waning day of Tabaung ( Mar   –  , 2016)

Typical Taung Yoe pagoda festival. Different ethnic minorities such as; Shan, PaO, Palaung, Taung Yoe, Intha, Danu can be seen. Most of tribal are Buddhist. During the festival at the Shwe Umin Pagoda in Pindaya throng with thousands of devotees. Festivities include performances with roaming artisans and the festival market. You will find hundreds of small stalls selling local foods, Shan handicrafts, all kinds of cheroots, Shan umbrellas, and more…Tribes from all over Shan State join this festivity in their respective costumes, women are carrying the alms goods on their head to offer to Buddhist monks on a morning of certain day. People in a big change waiting the arrival of Buddhist monks are to be seen from the distance. It is a joyous scene, people coming in a group with car, or some are coming in huge line of bullock-cart. The revellers circle the ox-carts, and cook in the middle, and overnight during festival.  


Event Nay win taung pagoda festival
Venue Pyin Oo Lwin(Maymyo)
Period The eve and full moon day of Tabaung ( Mar   – , 2016)

Same as Nyan Taw Pagoda Festival. Traditional Shan festival. It takes place in the northern part of Maymyo, about an hour’s drive from the downtown area.


Event Pakhan Ko Gyi Kyaw Nat festival
Venue Shwe Guni village, Near Pakoku
Period 9th to 14th Waxing day of Tabaung ( Mar   –  , 2016

Regional Nat festival like Taung Byone and Yadanar Gu. The festival is special offering to the spirit of Mayor U Min Kyaw of Pakan city. The spirits was famous for drinking toddy with fried chicken as well as fond of cock fight. The nearest town is Pakokku.


Event Taung Gwe Zedi Festival
Venue Loikaw, Kaya State
Period 14th waxing day to full moon day of Tabaung ( Mar  –   , 2016)

Thousand Buddhist monks are offered food on the full moon day. Long necked, green and red dressed Kayan and black dressed Kayah among other minorities are seen.


Event Nampan Ceremony
Venue Nampan village, Inle lake
Period 14th waxing day to full moon day of Tabaung ( Mar   –   , 2016)

The sight of numerous monks who come in boats to receive food offerings is striking view.


Event Maung dong nat festival
Venue Monywa
Period 13th waning day to new moon day of Tabaung ( Mar.  – , 2016)

This festival is known to be the most important gathering of witches imaginable. According to the legend, Ye Kin Kadaw, the Queen of the Witches, the favourite wife of King Taung U, had extraordinary powers. The king sent her into exile, as his other wives did not like her supernatural power. She went to Maung Dong, where she got drowned. Her oldest statue, only 30 centimeters high, can thus be found in Maung Dong. During this festival all 37 kinds of Nats will be placed in a shrine, devotees offering them bunches of bananas, green coconuts, betel leaves, colourful arrangements of flowers and ‘money bouquets’.


Venue Ah Lone town, 12 km north of Monywa on the way to Shwe Bo road
Period 13th waning day to new moon day of Tabaung ( Mar.  –  , 2016)

The heroine of this festival is Ma Ngwe Daung (Ms. Silver Wings) who was a daughter of the Ah-Lone Bodaw, a minor Indian prince who came through Tamu and Kalaymyo to Myanmar. The celebration of this festival is related to the love story of Ma Ngwe Daung. During the festival the pilgrims appeal to Ma Ngwe Daung to give them the opportunity to have as many mistresses as hairs on their head. The festival appeals also to pilgrims wishing to control or to spirit away illness with the lusty waters on offer there.