Festivals in Wagaung ( Aug-Sep )

Event Taung byone nat festival
Venue Taung Byone village near Mandalay
Period 10th waxing day to full moon day of Wagaung (Aug. 25 - 30, 2015)
Theme A big festival for Nat believers

This festival is known as the major gathering spot for spiritual mediums. According to the legend, Byat Wi and Byat Ta, two Indian brothers, got extraordinary powers after they ate the body of a dead alchemist. Byat Wi, the older brother, lost his supernatural power, after he walked under a clothesline on which women's under-ware used in childbirth had been hung. He was captured and died after his loved ones offered him a quid of betel and a cup of water. Byat Ta was killed by King Anawrahta's magical lance, after he was again late to bring the fresh flowers from Mt. Popa for the Royal Audience, and thereupon his wife Popa Medaw also died from broken heart.
15 years later, the two sons of Byat Ta and Popa Medaw, whom were adopted by King Anawratha, forgot to bring one brick each to build the "Pagoda of Wishes". King Anawratha soon found out who was responsible for this omission and gave the order to gently hit them with a fillet stick. As they were in the trap which the king's son, Kyansittha, planned from beginning on, they were instead hardly hit with a bamboo stick and died. Hundreds of mediums (Nat-Kadaw) and thousands of pilgrims come once a year to Taung Byone, where the statues of the two brothers are placed in a shrine and there stands still the "Pagoda of Wishes" with the two missing stones. It is the most impressive Nat Festival in Myanmar. Offerings and dances, the inflow of merchants, the constant arrival of pilgrims and the intensive uses of loudspeakers continue day and night.


Event Lawkananda pagoda festival
Venue New Bagan
Period 7th&8th waxing day of Wagaung (Aug. 22 -23, 2015)
Theme Pagoda festival, small event

Lawkananda pagoda exists by the shore of Ayeyarwaddy. Folk people nearby villages come in group. Host revelers and country people have chance being friends. Small plays are performed for fun.


Event Myazedi pagoda FESTIVAL
Venue Myingaba village, Bagan
Period The eve and full moon day of Wagaung (Aug. 29-30, 2012)
Theme Pagoda festival, small event

Myazedi pagoda is well known for it’s earliest Myanmar writing. It is a small festival with host revelers. Small plays are perform for fun.


Event Tantkyi taung pagoda festival
Venue Kyun Chaung , at the west of Ayeyarwaddy river, Bagan
Period The eve and full moon day of Wagaung (Aug. 29-30, 2015)

Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda is the temple on top of the mountain across the Ayeyarwady River. The view from the mountaintop was breathtaking _ across the Ayeyarwady to Bagan and beyond. The sight of the mountain tapering down to the river’s edge in a series of crests and ravines for kilo-metres in either direction in a long serrated edge was spectacular. There were three smaller shrines on top of the mountain.  Most intriguing was a rock pagoda on an outcropping where three sides dropped off vertically for at least 30 metres – an intimidating and exhilarating sight.


Event Yadanagu nat festival
Venue Amapura, Mandalay
Period 8th waning to hidden moon of Wagaung ( Sep. 7 – 13, 2015)
Theme Nat festival after Taung byone

Known as mother of Taungbyone Festival. Most enjoyable because of the rowing boat trip to the site. The festival is held annually in honor of Mt. Popa Medaw(Mother of the two Lords) who came back from Taunbyon Festival, halted on her way back to Mt. Popa at the Yadanagu as her transit camp.