Festivals in Waso ( July )

Event Waso Robe Offering and Dhama Sakya Day
Venue Shwedagon and other famous pagodas / monasteries
Period The eve and the full moon day of Waso( July 31 , 2015 )


The month of Waso in Myanmar calendar is associated with the offering of Waso Robe to the Buddhist monks viewed precursor to the Buddhist lent, at the eve of the full-moon day of Waso( Jul 31, 2015). After this day, the Buddhist monks are forbidden to travel and are required to spend lent in their monasteries. The robes are offered to use during the period of retreat.

The full moon day of Waso( Jul 31, 2015) is commemorated the Lord Buddha’s first sermon to his five disciples. The holy day’s religious activities can be found at the precincts of the famous pagodas and monasteries featuring; delivering sermons by Buddhist monks, reciting Pali verses praising Lord Buddha, offering meals to the monks.
Buddhist Lent – The full moon of Waso is the beginning on the three month Buddhist ‘Lent’. Laypeople present monasteries with stacks of new robes for resident monks, since during the lent period monks are restricted to their monasteries for a prolonged period of spiritual retreat. Ordinary people are also expected to be rather more religious during this time-marriages do not take place and it is inauspicious to move house. The most devout Myanmar Buddhist will observe eight precepts-rather than the usual five-for the duration of the season. This is a good time for young men to temporarily enter the monasteries.