Mergui Archipelago


Dawei is the Capital where major offices and departments of Government reside in Tanintharyi Division which is on the southernmost part of Myanmar. The Division has a long border on the east and southern-east with Thailand, the border entry is in Kauthaung which is a cape town on the southernmost of Myanmar, from where sea lover divers start there diving program around the islands of Archipelago consisting about 800 islands. However next to Dawei the main commercial center is in Myeik which is accessible by air from Yangon before landing to Kauthaung.

The Archipelago is named after Myeik and Myanmar people call it Myeik Kyune Zu. It  is well known by Pearl Culture in the world for the high quality of Pearl are cultured around the islands of Myeik,

Since long ago Japanese are the people in the first who found the opportunity of culturing Pearl in Myanmar, apart from the pearl culturing there are other farming like Crab, Lobster, Prawn farming are around and most of the islands are inhabited with Boars and other wild animal together with big snake like constrictors, In the past, during the British annexation into Myamar, these islands with animal and vegetations supported the British People for their food supply.

As for the tourist attractions the archipelago is the good site for diving to enjoy the sea lives. And for the people who like Durian will be very happy if they come during the season of Durians which is one of the main fruits available in Myeik.

One of the attraction is the lifestyle of Salon tribe who are known as Sea Gypsy spend their life time in the sea and diving for pearls and sea urchins together with fishing in traditional way that make them to live in half naked for most of the time in the sea.