Myanmar Beaches

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach Resort is one of the loveliest and most pleasant beach resorts in Myanmar. Located in the Ayeyarwady Division, 48 km from the town Pathein, The beach frontage on the Bay of Bengal with its clear blue water, its white crested waves, sandy, unspoiled and pollution-free natural surroundings, its scenic and occasionally rocky shoreline, all set against a backdrop of tropical rain forests and the towering Rakhine mountain range. You will have the impression to be far away from the hustle cities. On this long stretch of sand and the peacefulness gives a remote feeling. Perfect to cool down. And since its size is enormous, the people coming here disperse on the white sand.

The shoreline is dotted with bungalow-type eco-friendly hotels. For those wishing to engage in fun and games on the beach, or in the ocean, life-buoys and speedboats are provided, as well as facilities for speedboat trips, bicycling along the shore and horseback riding. The sea had a nice surf, great for some playing around in, and never becomes dangerous. You could not resist running around sunrise every day, exploring a little further this long stretch of white sand. All in all, the beach is great for some days of relaxation.

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is accessible by flight takes about 45 minutes from Yangon. Ngapali Beach is one of the loveliest places in Myanmar situated about 12 km away from Thandwe (Sandoway). It is famous for its natural and unspotted beauty up to this day. The beach stretches about 3 km with soft white sand fringed by coconut palms. The water here is transparent and the sea is tranquil. It serves as the best ground for sunbathing and recreation such as beach strolling, cycling and so on. There is only natural scenic beauty of the blue sea, white sand and the lovely sun without any dangerous marine animals. It is free from noisy beachside bars, crowded people and hawkers persuading you to buy their things. The villagers usually make dry their fish, shrimp and coconut. The best time to visit this beach during October and May of every year. Actually, Ngapali is not one single beach but a

series of beaches interspersed with small fishing villages stretching from Mazin where the airport is located, to Lontha on Mayo Bay where coastal steamers dock in a sheltered anchorage. A small road snakes its way along the coast for about 19 km from Mazin to Lontha, passing through Ngapali village, Shwewa Gyaing, Myabyin, Lontha and several other small villages nestling between the beaches and the hills along the coast.

After resting on the beach under the clear blue skies, the more energetic tourist or traveller has the option of exploring the range of hills behind the Strand Beach Hotel. Once you are on the small hills you will find a peaceful lake, which is actually a reservoir with

blue waters where you can fish but not swim. In the winter months this lake is the haunt of migrating water fowls, wild ducks, teals and others which come down from the far north, beyond the borders of Myanmar. Fishing boats with motors can be hired for trips to some of the islands off the coast or just to fish near the reef. Some travelers like to go on trishaw, peddled by men with two back to back seats for passengers at the side. Local buses ply between the villages and also to Thandwe, the district centre about seven miles away from the hotel. Hire a bicycle to go around is more curiosity. Ngapali has an international 18-holes golf course.

Chaung Tha

Chaung Tha Beach is not so far from Ngwe Saung.  Local people like to spend their vacation at Chaung Tha. Some Europeans and Asians love to enjoy there with locals do. If you like to spend your days on the beach with local friends then you should choose Chaung Tha Beach which is conveniently located from Yangon by driving about 5 hours to get there. Kalar Island and White Sand Island are at out stretch from main shore so that excursion trips can be extended by boat.